VMware Backups

Main features


Agentless backup of virtual machines

Thanks to VMware’s vStorage API for Data Protection.


Browser-based user interface

Browser-based user interface lets you choose the VMs or ESXi host for backup or restore to a specified location, define a group of virtual machines, schedule tasks, manage licenses and more.


Scheduled incremental backup of multiple VMs 

vmGuardian offers fast incremental backups, including backup of multiple VMs into a single backup image file.


Inline Data Deduplication Compression 

Eliminate duplicate blocks of data in a single virtual disk or across multiple virtual disks.


Supports Windows and Linux file formats

vmGuardian supports Windows Server 2012 / R2, 2008 / R2, 2003 / R2, 2000 Server, Windows 8.x, 7, Vista and XP SP3 (above with NTFS file system) as well as Linux Ext3, Ext4, Swap and LVM.

Flexible restore options

Quickly and easily perform granular file and folder recovery, restore individual virtual disks or even entire virtual machines.

   How does vmGuardian work?    
  vmGuardian installs as a virtual appliance.
It creates agentless incremental backups of virtual machines and virtual disks.
vmGuardian can restore a VM to the same host or migrate it to a new ESXi host.
You simply create a backup image and choose where you want to restore it.
Use vmGuardian’s Inline Data Deduplication Compression feature to save time and storage space when backing-up your virtual machines and virtual disks.
vmGuardian:  Backup and disaster recovery for VMware ESXi
  As of 2014, VMware is the most widely distributed hypervisor in the x86 Server virtualisation market. If you are using VMware, then you need vmGuardian™ to ensure the best protection for your virtual machines. Built on ActiveImage Protector’s proprietary imaging technology, vmGuardian installs as a virtual appliance offering agentless backup of VMs, a web-browser based management interface and advanced features including Smart Sector Technology and Inline Data Deduplication and Compression (IDDC).    

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