Are you thinking like a cybercriminal?

You know they are out there just waiting...

Cybercriminals are looking for vulnerabilities in networks and as soon as they find a weakness, they strike. A member of staff clicks on a link to get some useful information that they were promised. The network is opened to vicious malware planted by a cybercriminal. And then the heartache begins. Data is corrupted. The network goes down. The company can’t send invoices or fulfil orders.

Does your current IT services provider offer products or services that can help?

Interested in learning more? Read this article of six key things to consider when facing cyber criminals.



Cyber Check list – 6 key things to consider

 1. Know your network—Use a dedicated asset tracking service, instead of manually updating unwieldy spreadsheets, to map and check devices on your network. You will save time and eliminate data entry errors too.

2. Educate your employees—Employees are often the weak link in IT security. A phishing email that’s obvious to an IT admin may prove completely believable to a non-techie. Help employees understand the IT security risks.

3. Use top-quality antivirus—In the instance that someone clicks on something they shouldn’t have, the use of antivirus is essential. Choose a solution that’s effective and fast—and easy to deploy and centrally manage.

4. Remember patch management—Antivirus doesn’t provide protection against everything. An effective patch management process and schedule protects against additional vulnerabilities like web plug-ins and add-ons.

5. Protect users online—Malicious URLs can also trick your users into compromising business—and personal—information. A web filtering solution is another line of defence that blocks websites known to be malicious.

6. Proactively monitor—Nothing you do to ensure IT security matters if you turn your back and wait for problems to come to you. So, install a monitoring solution and, most importantly, use it.

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Source: SolarWinds MSP UK

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