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For Windows

Back up & Recovery for Windows Desktop

Link IT Protector Desktop - specifically created for Windows Desktop


Complete backup and recovery protection for your PCs and laptops with Link IT Protector Desktop

Link IT Protector Desktop Edition protects your Windows PCs, workstations and laptops using the same advanced technologies found in our Link IT Protector Server Edition.

  • Easy-to-implement automated backup jobs.
  • Recover individual files and folders, entire machines (including the operating system, programs, applications and all your data) to the same or different hardware, or migrate to a virtual environment.
  • Protect yourself from any type of disaster with onsite and offsite backup replication.
  • Extremely reliable with proven backup and disaster recovery technologies.

Link IT Protector Desktop Edition can be installed on both physical and virtual Windows desktop environments and is licenced per operating system.

Features Desktop


The Main Features


Full protection

Back-up everything that is on your hard disk including the OS, programs and all your files! Use our free ImageCenter LE add-on to replicate your backups to multiple onsite and offsite locations for added security. 

Objective 2 minute Downtime!

Access your entire machine in only 2 minutes with our free ImageBoot add-on.


Regular automated backups 

Choose how often automated backups are made, daily, hourly or every 5 minutes for minimal data loss!

File and folder recovery in seconds

No need to start a document over from scratch! Recover lost, deleted or corrupted files from your backup.


Never run out of storage space

Use our flexible image retention feature to automatically delete old backups with a timeline that best suits your needs!

Restore & Migrate to different hardware or to a virtual machine

Use the Architecture Intelligent Restore (A.I.R.) feature to flexibly restore and migrate from and to any hardware or virtual environment.




Restore & Migration features

1 Click virtualisation

Migrate your Windows system to the latest Hyper-V and VMware environments with a single click.

Disk-to-disk copying tool

An indispensable tool when administering machines for large numbers of employees or students.

Professional restoration tools

Link IT Protector Desktop Edition includes all of the restore features found in Link IT Protector Server Edition.

Backup features

Reliable backups

Using Microsoft VSS technology for the best and most reliable backups possible.

Keep your backups safe

Password protect and encrypt your backups with 256-bit encryption.

Replicate to onsite & offsite locations

Protect your data from major disasters and even theft thanks to our integrated backup replication. Choose any number of onsite, offsite and cloud locations to store your data for maximum protection.

Silent operation

Link IT Protector Desktop works silently in the background.

Smaller backup files

Link IT's Inline Data Deduplication and Compression offers incredibly high compression and smaller backup files.

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