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Back up & Recovery for Windows Server

Link IT Protector Server - specifically created for Windows Server

 Protect your company before disasters strike with Link IT Protector Server

Be DisasterReady! Link IT Protector Server Edition's affordable, high performance image-based backup and recovery solution is designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Stay competitive even when faced with possible disaster thanks to our 2 minute instant availability features!

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The Main Features



Our new UI offers easy creation and management of your backup Tasks, Logs and Schedules, plus enhanced and automated backup, restore and P2V conversion Wizards as well as image verification and unification.

Reduce downtime! Recovery Time Objective (RTO): 2 minutes

Includes ImageBoot offering instant availability for your Windows Server by booting a temporary replacement virtual machine directly from your Link IT Protector backup image file in only a couple of minutes, even when dealing with terabytes of data!


Recovery Point Objective (RPO):
every 5 minutes

Incremental backups are made every 5 minutes that include only changed sectors. Minimise data loss with regular backups and smaller backup files.

Flexible high-speed recovery

Recover files and folders in seconds or restore an entire server from scratch in minutes instead of days.


Unparalleled inline deduplication 

Dramatically reduce backup storage space requirements with our Inline Data Deduplication and Compression feature and with less impact on backup windows and restore time than competing solutions.

Offsite replication and image management

Use ImageCenter LE for scheduled offsite replication and consolidation of your base and incremental Link IT Protector backup image files. Replicate offsite using FTP, sFTP or WebDAV and to Amazon S3 or any private, public or hybrid cloud. You can further reduce resource demands on your productive server by installing ImageCenter LE on an alternate machine.




Restore & Migration features

Instant Availability using ImageBoot for instant failover

Boot your backup as a fully functional virtual machine in only a few minutes in VMware WorkStation, Player / Player Pro or Microsoft Hyper-V. ImageBoot serves as an interim replacement server to bridge the gap between disaster and recovery.

Granular file and folder recovery

Fast Bare-Metal recovery

Dramatically speeds up disaster recovery

1 click virtualisation

Convert a physical disk to a Hyper-V VHD or VMware VMDK virtual disk with 1 click of your mouse.

Improved system recovery for GPT/EFI in bare metal environments

Restore to different hardware or hypervisor

Restore P2P, P2V, V2V and V2P using the Architecture Intelligent Restore (A.I.R.) feature.

Shrink on the fly

Restore to a smaller partition.

Create test environments

Create test machines based on productive servers with our 1 click virtualisation feature.

Includes a Linux based Recovery Environment (AIPBE)

Perform disaster recovery and create cold backups using the recovery environment. Our Linux-based recovery environment can be used as an ISO file, on optical media or as a USB drive.

Boot Link IT Protector’s recovery environment directly from your hard drive

With the Pre-Boot Recovery Environment, no need of an external device or optical drive.

Includes a WinPE-based boot environment builder

Requires Windows ADK and AIK to be installed

Restore multiple source images to multiple target disks in a single operation

Select and restore a system volume by dragging the volume image to the target disk. Then, select an incremental data volume image from a different date or backup source for complete recovery.

Backup features

Fast backup with Smart Sector Technology

Speeds up backup performance by backing up only used sectors which in turn utilises less disk space.

Exact Point-In-Time multi-volume snapshots

Supports Microsoft VolSnap & VSS aware applications.


You won’t notice when a backup is being made, even with deduplication running!

Secure encrypted image files

Password protect and encrypt disk images with AES 256 bit encryption.

Push install

Install and monitor all your networked servers from a central UI.

Flexible Multi-Scheduling Feature

Create multiple schedules in a single backup task. For example, you can create a new full back-up each month for an ongoing weekly schedule backup job.

Network Bandwidth Usage Throttling

When backing up to a network share, use the network bandwidth throttling feature to adjust the overall impact a backup job has on network bandwidth.

Automatic E-Mail Notification

Set email notifications to be sent (using SSL/TSL) in the event of backup completion and backup failure or when Link IT Protector encounters an error or a restart.

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