IT for Schools

We understand that IT has an impact across the curriculum but budgets are invariably very tight so getting value for money is essential.

With less direct LA support academies and foundation schools will always be looking to get the most out of their IT budget so we tailor a number of our services particularly for schools. Some expert IT support is always required at some point; we can help at any level from day to day administration to disaster recovery.

Free IT Survey

We realise that it is important to feel confident with your chosen IT provider and because of this we offer a free 2 hour (maximum) IT survey. We will assess what IT equipment you have and what your needs are and provide advice on how to get the most out of your IT equipment.

Telephone Support

Not every Problem requires a site visit, sometimes clients just need some guidance from an IT expert; we are always happy to take calls with any problems or queries you might have - we take pride in being able to explain solutions to problems in simple terms, avoiding unnecessary IT jargon.

Remote PC Access

This is often the most cost effective option; allowing us remote access saves time and money as it usually means we do not need to perform a site visit. We can interact with your machines quickly and securely allowing our IT support team to interact with your keyboard and mouse controls.

Server and Hardware Installation

Most Schools have a centralised system that holds all files and folders. If you feel this would work for you we can assist; rely on our years of experience in server and hardware installation to provide the best possible solution. It does not stop there as server updates and monitoring can be time consuming, we can take control of this activity, monitoring your hardware, taking the headache away from you.


Wireless networking benefits most schools because it gives them the freedom to be   mobile around the classroom. We can supply and install new systems or extend any wireless infrastructure that you already have in place.

We also fit CAT 5 and CAT 6 network installation points as you may need to extend your wired network out to another classroom or anywhere in the school.


Sometimes you might be asked awkward questions about products that you wish to buy and may not have the answers. If you require anything IT hardware or software related we can help - because we deal with suppliers on a day to day basis we can easily provide up to date pricing and advice on the latest technology.


Because of budget constraints schools will often procure hardware and software in a piecemeal fashion. This can make it difficult to keep track of what equipment you have; you may want to know what software is on which laptop or computer or you may want to know if your laptop is still within its warranty period. We can organise all of this for you, providing a report identifying everything by serial number which can then be used for auditing and future planning - which will serve as a major plus for your own self assessment or any Ofsted inspection.


Imagine that doomsday scenario of a major IT glitch during an Ofsted inspection. If an inspection is due we’ll make sure your IT system is up to date and working properly which will minimise the risk of any problems occurring on the day. As soon as you are notified of an inspection, inform us and we’ll make sure one of our IT specialists is on hand to deal with any problems that might arise on this day.

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